pregnant best friend *update *

So my best friend just found out she is pregnant she's 8 weeks and is getting married in June. I'm her matron of honor. She blows up my phone about how her baby daddy doesn't want her to spend any money on the wedding and they are also having a court wedding and a small get to together after. She has asked me to help her find certain things and when I show her ideas she just says oh that's cute I want this though. It's extremely frustrated because she shoots down all my ideas and to top it off she copied my wedding colors. We'll just last week she invited us over to hang out and my husband and I told them we couldn't go because we had to watch our nephew. Well our other friend went over to their house and he told us how they wouldn't stop talking shit on us for not going over. Then my so called best friend had the nerve to say " she is just jealous because I got pregnant before she did " I'm so hurt and upset and pissed off because. I'm not even trying to have a baby and no I'm not jealous. They also just left the invitation on my door wreath when we were both home and our cars where right in front of our house, they didn't even ring the doorbell and we saw it as we were leaving so I sent her a text and said I saw the invitation, you should have rang the doorbell I was home and she said " we went at 1:30 and no one was home" that was a lie because I got home at 4:30 and there was no invitation on my wreath and my husband never saw it either when he got home. So they flat out lied. I don't even know if we should go to the wedding anymore.  Am I wrong for being mad should I say something to her ? Today she sent me a picture of her sonogram of her baby. If she thinks I'm jealous why would she send me this picture just to rub it in because in her mind I'm jealous. I feel like she is just trying to hurt me