Labor and delivery

My baby girl was due July 3rd and like usual I went in when u was having contracts every 5 minutes on July 1st, on July 2nd I was having them every 3 minutes. So again we went in and they sent us home for the second time... On July 3rd I shot up in bed and 3:34 A.M and couldn't breath or walk. So when I could I went to the living room to wait for it to pass, at noon they were EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! So I woke my husband up and he called his grandma since we didn't know if we should go back in or not. When she got here she helped me breath through them and called the hospital and demanded to talk to the OBGYN that was on call. This fucking asshole told us to stay home and it was false labor and she yelled at him are you fucking kidding me they are every fucking minute! He just said stay home and the contracts will pass. We decided to go in and it was confirmed that I was in labor and at a 4, they got me to my room and gave me the epidural after they collapsed a vein in my hand for the IV....πŸ˜’. My husband was calling my parent's and his family. When my patent's got there and hugged me with happy tears in their eyes πŸ˜„ the parents that adopted me since they couldn't have a baby of their own lived in Coeur d' Alene, ID and drove to Holy Family Hospital. After 72 hours of labor and an hour and 3 minutes of pushing I finally got to see and hold my baby girl at 9:13 pm. My mom was in the delivery room with me and my husband so she could see a live birth 😍 and of course the asshole OBGYN delivered her πŸ˜’