Help!! 11 dpo and bfn.


Hi all,

If anyone could help, I could really use some positivity.

My husband and I have been ttc for 7 months. We used an opk this month so I have a good idea of when I ovulated (I stopped temping and tracking).

This month I have been having crazy symptoms which are not typical for me at all before my period.

-Sore breasts mainly on the sides (started a couple of days ago).

-I have been having cramping since ovulation (some days they are like af, others they are pinching and some days they are pure pressie type cramps). Although I had slight cramping this morning, they have pretty much disappeared today.

-Waves of nausea.

-Increased appetite and urination.

-Crazy dreams (last night I dreamt I got two positives).

-My gums are swollen in the front of my mouth.

-Bloating, although that has faded today as well.

-Occasional headaches and got flashes.

-A lot of watery and creamy cm lately. Gushing a few times.

I just felt weird this last month. I took two tests with fmu today, one negative and one faulty (digital only showed the book).

My period is due tomorrow and I am feeling out of the game. Are these symptoms all in my head??