Telling the hubby question?

Kristina • Married to the love of my life, beautiful son born 12/2/17! #2 due April 2021!
So I have had faint lines and plan to test again after 4/5 (my AF date) and if I get my bfp should I just tell my hubby in a sweet way at home or wait and tell him on a ferris wheel ride where he first told me he loved me and where he proposed? I was gonna "propose" to him there with a jewelry box with the test inside. Yesterday I had him look at a vvvvvfl faint line and he was in complete denial (said that the second faint line is always there so the darker line will show up if it's actually positive 🤦🏻‍♀️) so I'm trying to decide how best to tell him 😂 

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