can't take 🍆

Ok. So I just my baby and we are resuming back into our sex life and my husband finally told me sum that I kinda hurt my feelings but he says it's a good thing. Tell me what you think or how would feel. 
He told me when we was having a heart to heart convo that when we first got together, I was freaky and lately I been boring in bed. Then said last night, I got back to who I was but I can't take 🍆. I was like what? And I walked out because that was insulting. He ran after me saying "I didn't mean it like that. I like that you can't handle me. Just reminds me that you haven't been with everybody and you only had me" (because he is literally the 2nd guy and last. My first was my high school sweet and my husband and I dated in college and got married while I was in school. So I'm not sexually experienced) but anyway. How would y'all feel if your husband says that and how would you take it?