PCOS Confirmed, Prescribed Femara, Seeking Success Stories

Callie • FTM. Baby Isla born 8.18.18. ❤️
When I was 16, I was diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed BC to help manage it. I didn't give my PCOS much thought after that until recently. Now I'm 25, married, and wanting a baby. My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months so far with no luck. Figuring that our difficulties may be related to the PCOS, we went to the OBGYN to have the PCOS reconfirmed. After conducting some b/w and a transvaginal u/s, today at our follow-up appointment, the doctor confirmed PCOS (high testosterone, high LH, multiple cysts on ovaries). While I am upset about the diagnosis, I'm also feeling hopeful because she prescribed Femara/Letrozole for my next cycle (on top of the Metformin and baby aspirin she started me on at my initial appointment). So I guess I'm wondering how many other people with PCOS have had success on Femara/Letrozole? How many cycles did it take? Did you experience any side effects? Any tips for taking it? Thanks!