Hey <a href="">Eve</a> Community :)

A good friend of mine just got a new boyfriend. Most time she's quite happy and totally in love. I really like the new one, cause the last was a jerk!

But the new one seems quite honest and told my friend all about his past one night stands and girlfriends. I don't know how much of what he said was true, but my girl is really insecure right now and starts to become really jealous everytime her boy just greets a girl. She's talking about his ex girlfriends all the time, sometimes crying and saying she is not good enough. We stalked his ex girlfriends and they're all not as pretty and wonderful as my girl. There's no need to be jealous, but she simply can't calm down. Please help :(

Are there any jealous people, that can tell me how they handle it?:) I would be really thankful

Lots of love xo