No help


hey mamma's I would just like to vent here

Ok so I had my daughter 2 weeks ago and I had a 2 degree tare from the inside I was told by the doctor not to move around as much of do any cleaning or cooking or stand on my feet for a long period of time well this is embarrassing for me to say but my house is nothing but a total mess I am getting no help from my boyfriend all he does is work comes home on his days off he doesn't do jack shit. I tell him I need your help and all he says is I'm out of here don't want to deal with your bullshit I'm the one taking care of the baby gotta get​up and feed her and he isn't​ even doing anything.... I mean he'll hold sometimes and​ feed her but other than that nothing I feel so alone. my blood is low on top of that so I guess I gotta wait until im fully healed so I can start cleaning this place up o just feel so ashamed.... it's whatever I guess rant over..

I wish he was more helpful he just doesn't understand​ what I'm going through

Are some guys just like that???? I thought him seeing what I went thru giving birth he would get it I guess he never did