Miscarriage at 12 weeks

I posted before that we found out halfway through the 12th week that the baby's heart stopped at 12 weeks. Sunday evening about 6 I started having very strong cramps, they wrapped all the way around in to my back. Around 10:30 I felt a gush and ran to the bathroom and had passed the baby itself. After that the pain continued just as bad if not worse. I was bleeding through extra heavy super overnight pads within minutes. Finally at 12:30 I told my husband to take me to the er because it wasn't getting better and bleeding was bad. We got there around 1:30 and about 2 they checked me and realized the placenta was stuck in my cervix. As they removed it with no pain meds I was crying , but as soon as she got it out it was instant relief! Bleeding slowed way down and they held me for another few hours because of how much blood I had lost and to make sure I didn't lose more. This was such a devastating loss and more pain than labor was with my first born. I feel for all you moms who have are suffering a loss. I'm scared to death to try again as this was my fifth loss but first with being his far along.