Help please? 10dpiui

Catherine • 30+yo • Please let it be our turn soon 🙏🏼
Hi ladies,
I am 10dpiui. I had a double <a href="">iui</a> with clomid and follistim this cycle but my second <a href="">iui</a> along with what I suspect was ovulation was 10 days ago. So I peed in a cup this morning and took two tests, one frer and one blue cross super sensitive 10miu. I set the timer for 5 mins and when I checked, there were no obvious lines... I called my Mum back home in Australia and cried to her about being unsuccessful another month for about an hour. After the call I went to the bathroom to throw out the tests and noticed there was a vvvfl on the blue cross strip test, but still nothing on the frer. 
So now I am confused... I think I am looking for a glimmer of hope, but realistically it's probably not a true positive because frer are more sensitive than 10miu right? It's more likely an evap line?
Beta test is scheduled for 14dpiui, but my af on medicated cycles has been coming 12dpiui, so I've never made it to beta test. 
Any thoughts appreciated. 
Top test was 9dpiui
Bottom test was this morning 10dpiui