Tight space sleep solutions


My husband and I are relocating back to where we grew up in a few months, and plan to stay with my in laws until Christmas when we hope to buy a house. It's easier to stay with them than renting so we can save more for a house and have the help when the baby comes. We will be here until the baby is 3 months but in those three months I don't know what I'm doing for the baby to sleep. I don't want to co-sleep because our bed is simply not big enough and we both toss and turn a lot. I also don't want to put a crib in there because the bedroom we are staying in is small and will already be tight with our bed, dresser, and I'd like to put a rocking chair in there for breast feeding if possible. I was thinking if using a moses basket and stand, but you can't use them after 3 months and I can't justify spending that much money on it. Also, since we are at it, I really like the peanut pad changing pad, and was going to put it on the dresser, but the TV will probably go there, so if you have an idea of where to put that, that would be great too. Otherwise I'll probably just stick it on the bed.

Thank you!