Help. Am I being insane or no? Husband in wedding five days after my scheduled c-section?

My husband's stepbrother is getting married April 29th. Our daughter is being born via scheduled c-section at 39 weeks on April 24th. His stepbrother is getting married to my ex-best-friend. She, as well as my husband's stepbrother, were in our wedding. We paid for everything, including dress and tux for them and all our other wedding party. Well, my husband's stepbrother has known for however long that he's getting married April 29th, yet NEVER asked my husband to be in the wedding. He just assumed. He finally asked my husband yesterday and my husband told him yes without even asking me first! He was like "oh yeah ____ asked if I'd be in his wedding and I said yeah." And I'm like "when is it?!" My husband hadn't even asked when it was! He just agreed! And it's 5 days after I'm getting cut open and our daughter is being born! I'm like "is he paying for your tux?" And he asked his stepbrother and he's like "no dude you'll have to pay for your own, it's $200 and you'll have to get fitted this week." WE DON'T HAVE $200 FOR A TUX. My husband is still agreeing to be in it, and I'm not even invited to the wedding! And even if I were, it's FIVE days after our baby is coming by c-section! We need to be spending time with our daughter! I need help after my surgery! So now idk what to do. He's just agreed to be in it and idk how to pay for a tux and it's so close to our scheduled c-section. I'm just so frustrated. My husband is just like "well I'll figure out a way to pay for it." But he and I are both in a wedding in august because they asked us both ahead of time and we have to pay for that. Idk what to do or say. Am I being insane, or no?