Husband's work trip

Riley • Army Wife 💛 🇺🇸 TTC Rainbow baby ❤
To give some background, my husband and I have been married for almost 2 years now and I found out early on in the marriage that the entire time we dated and we're engaged that he was looking at porn and talking to other girls, he never talked sexually to the girls though . We worked on things and he has seemed to get his porn habits under control and hasn't looked at things in almost a year. We just found out we are expecting which is wonderful but also making my hormones go crazy. We also found out that he will be going to a month long school (he is in the army) in a month and I am nervous about him being alone for that time. I do not want him to be tempted and end up going back to what he used to do. He swears to me he will never put me through that again and I truly want to believe him. Is it normal for me to be nervous about him reverting back to porn or am I just being hormonal? Any advice is appreciated!