is it possible to still have PPD??

Hi ladies.. I've been thinking about this for quite some time.. my LO Is 8 mo old.. and sometimes I wonder if it's possible for me to still have PPD? Some days I feel good totally fine.. other today. I feel worthless, disgusting, sad, cry over any little thing, feel like I have no hope, have a short fuse with everyone, I don't have any thoughts of harming my baby at all but sometimes I do get frustrated with him.. I never got treated for PPD. When I went to the Dr and was asked questions about it when I first gave birth I felt ok.. I also didn't want to sound like I had it because I was afraid they would want to take my baby away.. I know sounds silly to me now that I know more about it.. anyways my question is, is it still possible to have it? Or am I just going through something else? I'm not breastfeeding so I don't think it's my hormones? Idk.. should I ask a doctor? Will it affect anything? Like I said I've never had thoughts of harming my baby and I love him more than anything it's just mostly me I'm unhappy with and other ppl/things around me..