Gestational diabetes/ high fasting glucose help!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 1 week before I got my BFP. So they put me on the gestational diabetes diet and we started insulin. I have worked up to 45mg of Levemir at night and 15mg of Humalog with each meal and I've had to adjust their diet as I never ate that many carbs in the first place, it was too much for me.... My numbers have come down and most of my glucose readings after meals are below 130 (yay!) But I struggle with the fasting glucose... It's still between 103 and 131 every morning... They want it below 95. There have been times where it was 117 after dinner the night before, I ate and drank nothing but water for the next 12-14 hours and it goes up to 130 the next morning! WHY???!?!! I read something about The Dawn Phenomenon where the increase in glucose in the morning is caused by your liver and other organs preparing your body to have the energy you need to wake up. How do you control this? Any advice?