Daith Piercing 😍

Heaven • ♡ 22 | birth mother | cat lover | netflix binger ♡
I've been researching the daith piercing a lot lately, and the effects it has on migraines. For years and years now I've been suffering with migraines, every day, sometimes all day long. I've had every test known to man run on me, blood work done, been prescribed every possible medication that might help; yet nothing does. Nothing but time, just waiting it out until it goes away. So when I heard about the daith piercing helping people's migraines and headaches, I got curious and just had to try. 
I got mine done today. I had a migraine all through waiting and before going into the room. But after he finished the piercing, my migraine was gone, and it hasn't come back. I'm honestly so so happy I decided to do this. Who knows if it'll continue working, but as of now it's made my migraine go away and kept it away. And hey if it doesn't work, I still have a super cute piercing. 🤷🏼‍♀️😍