Back Story, I am 23. I met this guy on a dating website (also 23 now 24). We hit it off and met up and had a date. After a week of dating I spent the night and had sex with him at his apartment. But before we became official he told me he used to do drugs (meth specifically) but has been sober for over a year. I know its a life long process to stay sober so I always keep it in the back of my head for warning signs. Its been a month now and my dad is super pissed off and thinks this guy is a no good piece of crap given the fact he's done drugs. This guy is the nicest guy out of all the guys I've ever dated or talked with and he treats me with a lot of respect. He bought me flowers for our 1 month anniversary which brought me to tears because no guy has ever done that before and he didn't know that before buying them.

Actually, I didn't get to receive them because I had to cancel. My dad wouldn't​ let me go. He was heartborken because this is the second time in a row I had to cancel. He doesn't have a car but has a job and working on getting another one so he can save money for a car. We live an hour apart so if we want to hang out I have to go see him. I dont mind because I have friends who go to college in the same city and I visit them about once a month

My questions are:

Am I a slut for sleeping with him so early into our relationship? Even though he didn't plan on having sex and it was me who made the first move?

Am I stupid or have a lack of morals for wanting to date or be around an ex drug addict?