How long does it take to fully get over your ex??

I went through a big break up January last year. We kept in touch until April when i found out he was and had been in an emotional relationship with someone else and it broke me alongside being in a job with a bully for a manager. Almost 18m on from when we broke up officially and 1yr since no contact, i find myself still not over him, remniscing over how much of an ass he was a year ago. Despite him coming back asking for forgiveness (after him and his new gf ended things so not so sure) and me trying to be a reasonanle person and accepting it but keeping him at bay. I find myself feeling angry quite recently thinking about it all, then confused again then ignoring it. I feel like i should deeefinitely be over him. Is this normal? or do i really just have nothing else distracting me emotionally and this is the result? Thoughts ladies?

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