School & Classroom Security Cams Application for parents

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In response to the recent school shooting and gun safety postings I was wondering if class room surveillance applications could be (hypothetically) beneficial to a situation like this. Personally I believe teachers should carry guns. I'm aware my belief is probably not the most popular, but if classrooms and schools had a surveillance system in place for parents to "check in" on their kids would u use it? 
Let's say the ap was linked to your child's class schedule along with the roll sheet, you would be alerted after attendance was taken daily and in emergency or lock down situation (schools typically have a list of students for count). Upon orentation or the first day of school you will be given paperwork to be put into a system as a registered parent guardian allowing u access to the cameras within the school. It would be a direct feed using the same technology home security apps use, but only to "watch over" your children during school hours 

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