So I had my son four months ago and two weeks ago roughly I had intense period like cramps and back pain about two days before I started to bleed, and when I did start to bleed the blood was a brown tar like colour for a day maybe a day and a half and then went straight to bright red. The muscle pain/cramps kept up during to entirety of the period and until two days after it had ended. I was wondering if that could have been a miscarriage? I breastfeed my son and my husband and I didn't really think that we might've been pregnant. We didn't think there would be a chance so there never was a pregnancy test to confirm if we were pregnant or not. I've tried to google this to no avail in my quest for an answer. I was just wondering if that could have been a miscarriage or if it was just an abnormal period after my son. Because after my daughter I never got anything of that sort.