Help! Baby has Ringworm 😭

Hi mommies! My sweet 3 month old baby girl has ringworm on her elbows. I have lotrimin that I used for her yeast diaper rash, and it's supposed to also work for ringworm. But I have a problem. She got the rash from my in-law's cat. I personally HATE cats, and I grew up getting ringworm from my aunts cats, and it bothers me. And now that my baby has it, it makes me sad. I don't know what to do because we can't just avoid going to their house. And the cat belongs to my husband's 12 year old little sister. Any advice on how to handle this? I don't know how to prevent her from getting it again. Would making sure she isn't on their floor or on anything the cat has touched help? Thank mommas.Β