Not kid related but life related

So I feel like my husband is kind of stuck in life. He's in the trade he loves but isn't getting paid what he's worth and is taken advantage of. He's aware, he wants to leave, but gets complacent, despite being very unhappy there. We have a house that is not efficient for what we need now that we have a baby. I know we're blessed, im not ungrateful. I just think we, and he, are capable of greater things, financially and setting up for the future. He gets upset when I talk about selling our house to buy another, we're going to make a killing off of it cuz we bought at the right time and our real estate market is booming right now. We could pay off all debt and put a huge down payment on the new house, actually paying less for that mortgage than our mortgage now. I'm very supportive with his line of work, always have been, he loves it and that's what matters. I dunno, I feel stuck with where we are, when I'm ready to grow and he's unhappily stuck but doesn't want it to change. Just needed to vent cuz I am frustrated