Rush To Wedding

My bf and I have talked about marriage and I just found out I am pregnant. He's always wanted to get married at the courthouse and I just want a simple outdoor wedding. Now that I am pregnant he wants to get married before the baby is born. He wants to ask my dad but he works in Saudi 2 months and comes home a month. He won't be back until June and he wants to talk face to face. I know it shouldn't matter where we get married but I really just don't want to marry at the courthouse. On top of that I feel like we are just rushing now and he hasn't even officially asked me. I don't know what to do! 😭 According to our states law the father has no parental rights if the baby is born out of wedlock and he would have to go through hell and back to prove it's his. That's why he wants to get married so quickly but I feel like I can't do anything I want. He says we can have the ceremony and reception I want in 1,2, or 5 years. Which really means never because life will get in the way. I want to marry him but I feel rished and I feel like I'm not really getting a say.