Okay. Time to rant:

I am so fucking tired of everyone's "advice " while I'm pregnant. I know I am young but I am not oblivious to everything. And if you wouldn't say it to someone who isn't pregnant, why is it okay to say it to someone who is?! Does me having another person in my belly make what you're saying less rude or hurtful? NO.

I constantly have people telling me what I should and shouldn't be eating. How I shouldn't be drinking soda, even though coca-cola from a can is the ONLY thing that keeps me from throwing up all morning. And yes, I know that morning sickness usually goes away after the first trimester but mine decided to stick around. Thank you for the reminder. No it doesn't mean something is wrong and my doctor said I'm fine. I also have people telling me how I shouldn't be eating this or that. Again, if I'm craving it, and I can keep it down, I'm gonna eat it!!! Don't tell me I look like I'm gaining too much weight and don't tell me I'm going to regret this burger after the baby gets here. I actually haven't gained enough weight so far because MORNING SICKNESS.

I'm also so tired of people like my grandmother telling me that I shouldn't be wearing those "tacky" fitted maternity shirts and that the only thing I should wear is flowy shirts. And if I don't get rid of my cats they are going to suffocate my baby in her sleep.

Then I made the mistake of saying something about how I'm getting my hair cut and colored next week and now everyone wants to jump in and attack me as a parent. How I'm exposing my unborn child to all these "toxic chemicals". And I don't know because I'm a first time mom so I need to take their advice. Well fuck you guys because my doctor told me it was absolutely fine. He said that it's best if I don't do it in the first trimester just to be sure but if it's in a well ventilated area, I'm fine.

I don't do drugs and never have, I don't drink and I got excellent grades in school and a full ride in scholarships for school. Just because I got pregnant accidentally at 19 doesn't mean I'm a fuck up that doesn't know anything. I am going to work my ass off to finish school and be the best damn mom I can be to my little girl. And I am going to make sure I give her all of the best things in life and every opportunity.

Okay... rant over...