New to this!

Hi everyone my name is Lilly and I just found out that I am pregnant! I have been with my husband for 8 years I have a stepson that I have raised as my own he is my baby he will be 9 in May. I have never been on anything and I have been to the doctor and she said everything is normal. So my husband and I just have thought all these years it wasn't our time and out of nowhere Im pregnant super excited just a little worried. This app says I'm about 5 weeks I have had a little cramping here and there. Called my doctor today and they are due to holiday not sure if this is normal just a little scared. Its kinda also bad timing my husband and I have been through alot the last couple of my husband lost his job and started a new one making so much less, we have no insurance and I'm still in school. So just a little stressed. But so nice to see everyone is so nice on this site! Hope to get to know everyone!