Could this be something serious?

Hey girls. So I know you're all going to tell me to go to the doctor to ask about this instead of <a href="">Eve</a> but I don't have insurance right now so going to the hospital or to see a doctor isn't exactly a quick go-to option at the moment.
Anyway, at about 4 pm (currently 6 pm) earlier I started feeling a bit strange. I suddenly felt like my upper body and mostly my hands were trembling, my heart was pounding and it felt like there was an extra beat in between so it felt like it was racing, I was feeling kind of nauseous, and I felt sort of dizzy, and I also got the chills every few minutes. Just overall I felt like something was wrong with me. At some point I had a bit of trouble breathing as if someone was softly choking me. It was quite overwhelming. I tried sitting down and I had a weird sense that everything was closing in on me including the air (sounds pretty stupid right? I know).
I'm honestly not sure what it was but I was really concerned and was wondering if any of you might have an idea as to what it was. I've never experienced this before so of course I'm worried. I'm just hoping it wasn't anything too serious. It hasn't fully gone away but it is going away gradually, little by little so hopefully it stops soon. Thank you all in advance..