time flies when you're having fun!!

Darlene • 24, Single Mommy to a beautiful baby girl born on June 14, 2016💓
I'm 10 months old today ! That means only 2 more months till my 1st birthday 🎂! I can crawl, get into trouble and get away with it, roll my eyes, and cry when I don't get my way. My mommy is my favorite pillow nowadays, and I cry when she leaves the room. I like to eat her food, that's right hers! And my favorite food is French fries 🍟. I took my first steps a week ago and am on my way to walking soon! I like to say "Hi, Bye bye, Yeah, Dada, mama, and NO! Oh and guess what? My hair is finally growing!! As you can guess by this pic I love taking pics (Yeah Right) but it makes mommy happy so I'm forced to do it anyways.