WAITING !' 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

Gabsss 💖
The anticipation sucks, due April 24th, no consistent contractions, but she's steady hitting a nerve on my right side.. less than 9 days to go!! How the heck to get through it ?! My first came at exactly 39 weeks, I'll be 39 weeks Monday. Every pregnancy is different but I'm trying to have hope .. I am so ready, bags in the car, and car seat in as well. Baby Ava will come when she's ready.. as days pass movement decreases due to space left inside hopefully that should tell her she needs to come out haha.. but then again our world is cruel I'd hide too 😂 I'm just ready to meet my 2nd baby girl, to see who she looks like, to finally begin to embrace her even more, and if her sister asks when she's coming out again I might burst into tears ! I'm opting for water birth , my first I did a hospital birth with epidural, I'm ready to endure the pain and get it over with so I can start healing and enjoying our family !! 💖