Spotting at 8 weeks, HELP! (a little TMI, but no photos)

Hi everyone,
I am 8 weeks as of yesterday and suddenly began to experience spotting around 6pm yesterday. TMI, but I think I picked up a stomach bug while on vacay last week and had severe diarrhea and digestive cramping most of the day Friday through last night. I called the nurse line multiple times and they don't seem too worried because I'm not bleeding enough to soak a pad. Really, it's mainly just when I wipe. A few hours ago I spoke to a nurse and she told me I could go into the ER if I want or I can wait until my U/S appt with my OB that I had already previously scheduled for tomorrow. After that call I checked again and the spotting had lightened up severely, so we decided the ER wasn't necessary. About and hour later I had to go #2 again (TMI, but it's normal now, no longer diarrhea) and afterwards there was A LOT of blood on the toilet paper again. Has anyone else experience anything like this? Did everything turn out okay? Should I go to the ER or do you think it's okay to wait for me appointment tomorrow? Help!