Reoccuring fevers

Have any of you moms dealt with reoccuring fevers? My 8 month daughter has had a fever every 2 weeks for a little over a month now. Her third one just started today. She acts completely normal, eats, plays, and crawls around. She only gets a little grumpy and irritable later in the day when the fever naturally goes a little higher but she remains active. We have noticed 4 white nubs on her top gums a couple days ago, could these fevers all be related to teething? The fever ranges from 101-102.6. I do give her tylenol and motrin when she gets a little more irritable.

I have talked to her ped about the fever and he says that it's nothing to alarming because she has no other symptoms but we can do blood work which I am going to do Monday just for my piece of mind.