bleeding or period

so this might be tmi but in the morning my boyfriend and I were both turned on and he fingered me first it was so good we were both into it especially him I mean he even put three fingers in but he was going at it really deep and in and out hard and then he pulled out got up and there were blood everywhere like it even got on my sheets and I felt myself so wet then it all pointed out to the whole blood thing. Now I'm wondering if it's just period now because i see a few spotting, and my boyfriends said did I feel paid and I didn't and he said must have been his nails lol, hasn't cut them. 
Did my period activate or something??because I went to the bathroom now and I have like a brown red discharge and a huge amount like I leaked and all. Please tell me what's going on! Is it period even though I got off it two weeks ago??