Mother's day at my job


For the most part I am fine with Mother's day. I celebrate with my mom and it is great. 

But I am a pre school teacher and the school I work for makes a huge deal of it. I am already planning on having an unfortunate cold *cough cough* the Friday of the class party. But the planning and everything starts soon. I want to say something, but I am pretty sure I will get blown off because I am "bitter that I cant have kids". Last year when I brought it up I was told that the whole world shouldn't have to tip toe around my problems.

It isn't just me this year. There is one child in my class who has two dads and is actually terrified that her biological mother will take her away (there was an ugly drawn out custody battle the child is 4). I think that if we did a much more low key celebration like we do for father's day it would work out better.  I am just not sure how to bring it up and be taken seriously.


The little girl who was upset by all the Mother's day planning is no longer going to be in our school. One of her dads has arranged for fewer hours and work at home more. :( I wish I could have done more.

Thanks for all the support and suggestions.