Updated Past two weeks ive been dying


Ive been throwing up morning and right after i eat mostly only if its meat but last night i ate corn and that came up to. If i smoke some dabs i can eat a full meal and my head akes go away but only for 2 hours its also the only way i get any sleep for the past two weeks. Everytime i am throwing up my body sweats and when its finally over im really cold. In these two weeks my body gives me a break like just a random day i dont feel shitty.

Im Thinking im only sick becuase two weeks before my bubbie had the full on flu but still went to work everyday its hard to tell if i have the same tho becuase its lasting way longer i just want it to go away

Some one be my mom and give me directions for being sick im dying

I actually think its been a little longer than two weeks

I actually ate a salad yesterday with some other small amounts of food i dont feel bad anymore i just didnt eat for days 😂