natural remedies for the stomach bug maybe?

Idk what else it could be.. I was fine this week until Thursday I just randomly threw up after supper, and my stomach didn't feel upset until a little before I got sick. Wednesday before I got sick I had a tomatoe, cheese quesadilla, the night I got sick I had the same thing except added bell peppers and olives so I didn't know why it could've been any different. Friday I got sick I had breakfast I can't remember what it was but I felt nauseous, I kept snacking on crackers which was ok but still felt meh, I tried to eat a banana so I wouldn't get shaky cause I have low blood sugar anyways but that just made me get sick. Friday night I was able to hold down French fries. Today I tried lunch and got sick. My stomach feels like a hole because I'm hungry but it either cramps or I feel so nauseous and/or about to puke.
I drank this in my AVC, lemon, honey, water totty
Sorry for kinda a long post. Any natural remedies besides what I mentioned?