Hi, first post! 
So my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years, we live together, been best friends for 3 years. (Just to explain that I'm not in high school and this relationship started out well) 
Anyways! We tend to be very happy and healthy in our relationship. He's a very busy man, working at a normal job and pursuing his desired career, he's busy about 90 hours of the week. I support him in all that he does, I always will. However, at busy times I tend to feel that we're not as connected as we could be. He's busy so texts go unanswered for awhile, conversation is lacking, the typical that you'd expect from someone who's busting their ass all day. 
I've been dealing with a lot of things lately, on top of having anxiety and not being medicated. I really crave the intimacy and support from my boyfriend, I want to just spend time together to just feel nothing but love and warmth. He's been so extremely busy lately, more so than he is normally (this happens at times with his career choice), so he can't be physically here as much, and I do need to go to work myself so when he is home, I am gone, we only really see each other when he comes to bed. He's knows I'm having a hard time and he's trying to be supportive and loving via text message. I've been so closed off though, I can see it when I go back through our texts from recently. Like, he's trying to be there for me and tell me he loves me, trying to be cute and I'm just being dull. I don't know how to stop being like this right now, how to just stop being unhappy and accept in the love that he's providing. I'm practically begging him for it and when he tries and I'm just cold. 
Does anyone else know what this is like? Or have any advice on how to ignore my feelings enough to accept the love he's giving?