I'm so confused!!!

I went out with my brother and cousin's friend. The third time we saw each other we slep together ( he texted me one night after 12 am and sent me an uber so I could go to his place. I feel like a slut). He works and studies at the same time so we did not talk that often. You  know the  stereotype, men only want to get into your pants. This guy texted/call me now and then after we slep together. He texted me for my birthday ( a day after ) and for New Years ( he texted me first ) and other times. I'm note sure what to do.... he text me sometimes after 11 pm. I'm knew from the beginning he was worried about messing his friendship up with my brother and my cousin. I'm not sure what to do. Is he really into me or does he just doing it because he is worried about  my brother and my cousin and  saving his friendship? Help please!!! I would really like to hear your opinion!