Help!! Pregnant again??

Im 2 months postpartum. I was breastfeeding for the first month then I began to supplement because of low BM supply. Now my BM is basically gone. my period has not returned and my Dr had said that if I wasn't BF it should return "soon" (whatever that means). 😫
But here's the thing: (and this is why Im so anxious) my husband decided at 2 weeks pp that I was overreacting when I said I needed to heal before resuming sex after delivering our LO. He just went on and had his way. It was sooo painful, I cried like a child and was sore through the next day. Oh- and thats right, he didn't pull out either. A few weeks later, had unprotected sex again even though he said he wouldn't ejaculate inside because we had agreed we dont want any more kids for now. 
So now Im wondering if that could be why my period hasn't returned? My pregnancy was rough and I can't bare the thought of going through it this soon again.