Boyfriend excited to use toys

So I'm just getting comfortable with masturbating (omg!!! I've been missing out!) And I'm loving trying out my new vibrator. Anywho.... my boyfriend wants to try it out during sex. He's so excited and happy for me and I really love his encouragement and just genuine approval for learning to love and appreciate my body along with masturbating. He us a guy and does find it super hot and sexy which is nice but he also wants me to be happy and he went with me to buy my vibrator and whatnot. I'm just nervous about using it during sex. Anyways should I go for it or wait until I feel I'm ready? Will I ever feel ready? I'm not even sure if I'll ever not be anxious and nervous. It's kinda a continuous thing for me. I'm always feeling like that over everything. Thoughts? Encouragement? Talk about when you first brought toys in the bedroom? Thanks girls!