Husband not supportive at all!

I'm not sure what to do. He won't take belly pics for me when I ask. I'm 17 weeks and the only ones I have are selfie ones. He won't help with ideas for our social media announcement but hates all of mine and won't let me post anything. He works two hours away and doesn't come home on his working days and stays with friends all while I work 2 jobs and take care of my stepdaughter by myself. He is now not coming home on his days off unless we have his daughter. I have no family here at all. They're all over 10 hours away. He also gets really angry at the drop of a hat now. I can't question anything about if/when he's coming home. Also hasn't talked to me on the phone today only through texts and took another day off tomorrow but still isn't coming home. Claims he can make moneyup there helping friends. He doesnt ask how I'm feeling or how the baby is doing and ignores my messages about how big she is that week. Also tells me whenever I feel bad "oh well, you wanted it, now you're pregnant and have to deal with it". He told me that if I can't handle him being gone then leave and that he doesn't need me. We've been married less than a year but together for almost 6. I just don't understand the change but it's stressing me out so much.