What age is it appropriate for your child to wear makeup?

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We have all been through the "ugly stage" in our lives. Mine lasted from 5th-7th grade😩😩 I was only allowed to wear mascara although I did sneak eyeliner and lip liner (super chola back in the day). My mom allowed me to wear mascara starting middle school, she said it was bad for my skin and I don't need to look any older than I already did being so "developed". My dad let me wear make up whenever I wanted to as long as I didn't look like a clown. His reasoning is if it makes me feel confident so be it he believes I was raised to "act right" , my mom felt I should be confident in my own skin and "act my age". 
Unfortunately I went through ugly phase HARDCORE! From frizzy edges, to super slick ponytails I looked bald. Even shaving my eyebrows down 🤦🏻‍♀️ i saw a meme the other day comparing teens now, to teens back in the early 2000s even in the 90s and it's as if the teens now completely skip the ugly phase and go street to beautiful woman hood😂 (totally not bitter 🙄😂) .
So what age would you allow your child to explore the art of make up? Is there such thing as too much make up for a certain age? Would u gradually allow them to wear it or all at once? 

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