Hello pleae any advice

How do youbget a doctor to really look into something ibe been to two gynecologists and they both have jus ran blood tests and gave me a pelvic exam n said im fine im not im 20 been having my period since i was 8 never have more then 3 periods on time in a row ive went a whole year without one when i bleed it looks like a crime scene , i have horrible crampin in my hips belly and full back area so bad some days its hard to even get out of bed, its pain full sometimes when i even have gentle sex, been ttc for three years n nothing, i get super emotional like crying over droppin a pin on the floor, my lower back swells , headaches, boobq pain, its just horrible and i want answers and the docs ive been to make me feel like im crazy n jus making it all help any tips ideas anything at all will help tia