Hey ladies. 
What was it like when your water leaked? Around 2am I was restless and noticed that my undies were damp. I went to the bathroom and put a pad on (I've heard that's what you're supposed to do). I have been in bed since then sleeping off and on. I wouldn't say the pad is like really soaked but it pretty damp and has been consistently damp for the last two hours. 
I am 35 weeks on the dot today. I feel like it's way too early for my water to break and am hesitant to drag my family to the hospital just to find out, oh hey you're just really sweaty down there or something. 
My water broke in a huge gush with my first so this doesn't feel enough to be that but also like way more than sweat or something. 
It is also colorless and odorless. 
Note: I had sex last night around 11. I have heard that can induce labor but we have sex pretty regularly and again I feel like 35 is too early for this to just happen?