Need more advice!! Is this still positive?

Hello! I posted my pregnancy test yesterday with a faint line (the top picture) and everyone was saying its a positive! 
Since it was so faint, we tested again this morning! However this one is even more faint (bottom picture). 
Yesterdays was approx. 8:30am and todays was approx. 6:50am. The lines appeared after about 10ish minutes.
My husband is not feeling very confident in trusting these Target brand ER tests. He wants us to try another brand. We are both new at this though. Been together almost 9 years and married almost 3. This would be our first month TTC. So I guess we don't really know what to expect!! I been nauseous for a few days now, weird feeling cramps, and food adversions/cravings! AF is due today. 
Any advice and suggestions is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!
UPDATE: Have taken 2 Clear Blue digital tests this week (one Monday PM and one Wednesday AM) both came back as negative!! Still no AF that was supposed to start Sunday, April 23rd.