Well today is the day. UPDATE #1

Brittany • Mom of boys and about to be kicked out of the boy mom club. Landon🧑🏼, Jackson👼🏼, Quinn🌈 and a baby girl due to arrive August.
Please have me and my Rainbow baby in your prayers today as I will be going in to get induced @37+1 at 6pm tonight, 4/23/17. 
I have lost a baby girl at 23 weeks due to s genetic disorder, a baby at 6 weeks and last April 5th 2016 I had my beautiful baby boy born sleeping due to him passing the day before at 37 weeks 3 days. The past 3 years have been full of loss and grief and fear that even today as I feel my baby move I still can't believe it till I see it. 
I'm terrified and excited at the same time. Any extra words to gods ears is always helpful. 
I hope to have my 8 year old son meet his baby brother and not have to explain to him why life once again wasn't fair. 
UPDATE:: for those who requested one.
Well 6pm induction turned into 2:30am and I'm currently hooked up and started pitocin at 5am🙄. So far so good. The nerves are overwhelming. 
Will update again. ❤️