Is this fair?

Okay, I'm not the one who keeps on making bitchy posts that I've seen, but it's kind of reminded me about my situation. 
My best friend keeps telling me she's going to kill herself, I've done all I can to persuade her otherwise including calling the police. The thing is when I've phoned the police, they've found her and called me back saying she's safe and has no intention on harming herself, even though before I called them she was telling me she was going to. 
She told me she once tried committing suicide 18 times in one month. 
She doesn't really seem depressed or show the behaviours of someone who is suicidal does. 
She only makes these comments when she wants something, it almost feels like she's doing it for attention. 
It's getting me down massively conserdering I've tried 3 times and ended up in hospital. 
One of her attempts of which she was sectioned for since she was doing it in public therefore at the risk of causing others psychological harm, was getting scissors primary school children use & threatening to stab herself. 
It makes me so mad. I've tried all I can to help her, I don't get any thanks at all. 
I'm not slagging her off or calling her attention seeking, I just feel that's the way her behaviour is coming across. And it is seeming like she's attention seeking. 
None of her attempts would have actually caused any damage or would quite clearly not cause death, I feel like people who are suicidal, like myself, don't tell people they'll kill themselves when they don't get there own way, or when they're lonely and want attention. 
It's kind of draining me, and it's not really helping with my depression at the moment of which she's complelty blocked out 😕

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