Sex with music on?

I just read this article on cosmo's snap chat and I'm curious to see just how many people actually make it a point to have sex to music.
The article (like nearly all of Cosmo editorials), consists of a very one sided argument stating that music on while having sex is "immature" and "awkward"
While I never really have sex to music, I still find the opinion pointless bc if you like it, why does it matter. It's your sex life after all!
So who listens to music?? Who doesn't? What's your fave sexy playlist??
Me: I've probably only ever once set the mood with music bc it was Valentine's Day and I had the whole cliche candles and wine set up going, so sexy sax music was a must 😂 but every other time is just so spontaneous no one ever puts music on or if there happens to already be some on, I'll be so distracted having sex I'll forget about it  haha

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