13 days of AF

Diclsmer: I'm talking about my period. And all it entails. 
I'm concerned about my cycle. Since my SO and I have decided to start trying my cycle has gone crazy. The first month after we decided my cycle was good. The next few months a little longer than normal for me but average for a cycle length. Then it became late, spotty, shorter. I missed a cycle completely. 63 days exactly thanks to tracking on glow.  I saw a doctor. A horrible one at that( I moved about a year ago so I had a referral from my primary) that said well you have gained some weight and seem to work and stay busy. It could be stress. The doctor ran no tests. I walked out angry and confused. I was a referral from another doctor. Why was this doctor not concerned? My next cycle was different. About 6 days but heavy and very clotty. I was a little taken aback. My man was my voice of reason and reminded me I had skipped a cycle and maybe that was the cause. But this last cycle has made me nervous. I have passed clots in a variety of colors and texture. Dark red, brown, grey, mucus and slimy looking to almost a matte looking tissue. This lasted almost 11 days. Then I went 24 hours with nothing. Done finally... I was intimate with my SO. And immediately after we were done I passed another clot. 24 hours passed and nothing- no spotting. I went to work, came home and went to dinner with my man. As soon as we stood up to leave something felt wrong. I went to the ladies room and again another clot. In total with these spotting incidents it's been 13 days. I am going to go see a doctor. I promise but I'm doing my homework this time. I was hoping that I wasn't an odd case. Or maybe I am just overreacting? Has anyone had this happen? Heard of it?