feeling terrible

First of all pass all the judgement you want I really don't care your harsh words cannot hurt me any more than my own words and actions have. The other night my significant other and I got into a pretty heated argument in which I said the baby's not yours anyways even though it is I haven't been with anyone else since being with him. after a few hours of arguing bc I am a hot head I said probably the second worst thing I could have ever said in this lifetime, that I knew I should have just gotten an abortion bc I knew he would end up being this way. By this way I mean completely oblivious to my feelings and needs. This is our first child as a couple together but will be the third child. I have one from a previous relationship as does he. We've not been around each other all weekend and with what I said looming over us I told him I need a honest decision on if we give this a shot and go to therapy or not. I'm really hoping we can do some couples therapy and work things out. Both of our other children are old enough that us separating would devastate them. This really isn't me needing options or comments just needing to get it off my chest to people who don't know either of us.