Chances of me being pregnant..


I'll start off saying I am a worry wart, and tend to over think things. (I have "tricked" myself into thinking I was pregnant before by thinking about it too much. However I have avoided doing this for the last few months. No scares or anything, not even worried about it.)

According to <a href="">Eve</a>, I start my period in 4 days, today is the first day of my sugar/placebo pills.

Concern #1: I'm on the pill (Sprintec), and I'm supposed to take it at 10am every day.. But this month I have been all over the map taking it at 4pm one day 2pm the next 9pm the next and so on. I let my SO cum in me every time. We have had sex 8 times this month.

Concern #2: I spotted this morning. I have NEVER spotted red blood before my period, occasionally some brown once in a blue moon, but never pinkish color. I googled implantation bleeding and it said can occur 11-12 days after conception.. I counted back exactly 12 days ago, we had sex on 4/11/17. So that has me a little freaked out.

Concern #3: My breasts don't normally get tender before my period either, but they feel super heavy, and my nipples are very sensitive. They feel very full and sore.

Please tell me if I'm overreacting, or if there is a genuine concern and I should take a test. Thank you so much for your help, truly.