breastfeeding & nipple piercings

Hey mommies this is my third pregnancy my oldest daughter is 6 yr. I was pregnant last August and had a still born baby boy. Currently I am 10 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby. The only difference in this pregnancy and the last two is I now have NIPPLE PIERCINGS . that I love but I breast fed my daughter until she was almost two years old and am a huge supporter although I have a few concerns. If anyone can give their opinions it would be helpful. I plan to ask my OB when I go in for my next check up but I'd like to know if anyone has this experience first hand 
1.) when should I take them out?
2.) should I expect them to be more painful when I do breastfeed?
3.) will it effect the baby at all?
4.) I'm assuming they will close so re piercing them is that smart ?